Renegade Australian researcher reveals
The Greatest Scam in
the History of Medicine

Why Your Fear of Cholesterol
Could Be Killing You

If you're like most people, you honestly believe that keeping a low blood cholesterol level and avoiding fatty foods are the keys to escaping the deadly clutches of heart disease.

For years you've been watching your cholesterol levels like a hawk. You've been meticulously trimming the fat from your meats, drinking skim milk, and eating only the lowest fat foods you can find. Your doctor has even placed you on statins, those 'miracle' cholesterol-lowering drugs that allegedly slash your risk of heart disease by one-third!

Guess what?

You are wasting your time - and money!

You don't know it yet, but you've fallen hook, line and sinker for the biggest scam in the history of medicine. You're not alone - your neighbours, your doctor, the reporters who write the health articles appearing in your daily newspaper, and even thousands of experienced researchers have also been effortlessly taken in by this elaborate con.

It's time the truth was known. Despite years of vilifying animal fats and instilling cholesterol paranoia in people the world over, the sad reality is that the age-adjusted incidence of heart disease has not declined one iota. Health authorities are quick to boast that the death rate from heart disease has declined since the late sixties, but this is wholly due to improved medical care of those who already have heart disease!

The medical establishment is not preventing heart disease from occurring - it is only extending the lives of those who already have heart disease. If the anti-cholesterol, anti-fat campaign was effective in reducing heart disease, it would stop people from having heart attacks in the first place. But it doesn't!

How many more lives must be needlessly lost before people realize they've been conned?

I'm here to tell you that blood cholesterol does not cause heart disease - and never has! Neither do those highly vilified saturated fats you go to painstaking lengths to avoid. In fact, there is abundant evidence to show that saturated fats are good for you!

By now you're probably asking yourself, "Is this guy crazy?"

Well, that's what the drug companies and low-fat food manufacturers who make billions in revenue each year as a direct result of the reigning cholesterol paranoia would like you to believe. It's also what 'respectable' health authorities - who receive millions in 'donations' from food and drug companies in one hand, while disseminating allegedly 'impartial' health advice to the public on the other - would have you believe.

But the truth is, I'm not an axe-grinding fringe lunatic. My name is Anthony Colpo and I'm a very serious independent researcher. When I say cholesterol does not cause heart disease, I can readily back up my assertions with a mountain of evidence from peer-reviewed medical journals. I've also had my own research published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature (you can click here to view this research).

Unlike the drug companies, the food manufacturers, and the public and private health agencies that have intimate financial ties to these industries, I don't profit from cultivating cholesterol paranoia.

For years, I've been challenging all-comers to prove me wrong, to provide the definitive clinical evidence that cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease.

No-one has been able to do so (you can view one unsuccessful attempt here along with my reply), and here's why:

The evidence does NOT exist.

The shocking, sordid tale of the cholesterol scam - a mind-boggling saga of ignorance, corruption, deceit and greed - is a subject worthy of an entire book! So that's exactly what I've done; after years of research, I've finally put together The Great Cholesterol Con: Why Everything You've Been Told About Cholesterol, Diet and Heart Disease is Wrong!

Make no mistake, this is not just another forgettable health book that fails to live up to its initial hype. Instead, The Great Cholesterol Con is a riveting demolition job that destroys every last possible defense of the cholesterol theory of heart disease.

In The Great Cholesterol Con, you will learn how decades of research, published in the world's most prestigious medical journals, clearly show that the anti-cholesterol campaign is a farce!

The Great Cholesterol Con cover 
The Great Cholesterol Con will take you right back to the beginning of the cholesterol theory. You'll learn how the initial research implicating cholesterol and saturated fats in heart disease was based on some very, very questionable assumptions.

Not only was the research that launched the cholesterol paranoia a sham, but so too is the 'research' that keeps it alive and thriving.

You will learn why:
  • A single disgruntled researcher, who conducted some of the sloppiest and most shamelessly biased research ever seen, was largely responsible for launching the anti-animal fat/anti-cholesterol mania as we know it today!

  • The rise in coronary heart disease that occurred during the twentieth century had nothing whatsoever to do with saturated fat intake.

  • Study after study has shown that people with so-called 'healthy' low cholesterol levels actually live shorter lives.

  • Upon closer scrutiny, the very studies that have formed the cornerstone of the anti-cholesterol argument actually show that cholesterol and saturated fat are not harmful.

  • Numerous populations consuming high saturated fat diets have been documented to enjoy very low rates of heart disease.

  • Over fifty years' worth of clinical dietary intervention trials have completely failed to show any mortality benefit among those following saturated fat-restricted diets - in fact, several of these studies showed higher death rates among those assigned to diets low in saturated fats!

  • Many dietary recommendations made by 'experts' to reduce heart disease have actually been shown in animal and human studies to increase heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity!

  • The primary force behind the anti-cholesterol paradigm is not public health, but greed. Drug companies, food companies, the medical profession, and health organizations all make billions in dollars of profit from the cholesterol theory.

If you have been convinced that the cholesterol theory is all about furthering public health, you could not be more wrong.

After reading The Great Cholesterol Con, you'll know more about cholesterol and heart disease than most doctors. And more importantly, you'll discover what really promotes heart disease and what you can do to prevent it.

Did you know that:

  • Your blood sugar level is a far more powerful influence on your future heart attack risk than blood cholesterol could ever dream of being?

  • Stress is one of the most powerful, but underrated, triggers of heart disease?

  • That the low-fat diet you are following to avoid coronary disease may in fact be setting you up for a deadly heart attack?

  • That, despite an abundant calorie intake, the diet eaten by most people leaves their hearts and arteries starved of the very nutrients they need to repair themselves?

  • That a little-known substance exerts a huge influence over whether or not you will succumb to heart disease? (Learn what this substance is, and how to maintain healthy levels of it!)

  • That the type of fat you eat is more important than the amount of fat you eat?

  • That regular exercise can keep 'old' hearts as robust as young ones?

  • That the mineral iron may hold the key to one of the greatest heart disease mysteries of all time?

  • That your dentist may be a more powerful ally in your quest to avoid heart disease than your doctor?

  • When it comes to increasing lifespan, aspirin, cholesterol drugs, bypass surgery and angioplasty are utterly useless for the majority of people they are prescribed for?

  • That vegetarian eating has not been shown to extend mortality or protect against heart disease?

"I wholeheartedly urge you to read this book from cover to cover - it could be your life that is saved by the valuable information gracing the pages of this long overdue book."
- Duane Graveline, M.D., MPH. Former astronaut, NASA physician, author of Lipitor: Thief of Memory and Statin Drugs, Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol.

Make no mistake - this book could save your life

Not only is heart disease is a killer, but it is the disease most likely to take your life. So don't you think you should at least consider what I've got to say? For years, I've been attacked and vilified by defenders of the cholesterol paradigm, but when I present these folks with the simple request to "Show me the evidence!", they just can't do it. Sure, some have tried, but in every instance I have promptly torn their convoluted and scientifically untenable arguments to shreds. Once you have read The Great Cholesterol Con, you'll be able to do the same.

Stop being hoodwinked

Don't you owe it to yourself to find out the truth about the cholesterol fraud?

When it comes to health advice, the stakes are very high. Think about it for a moment - if your strategy for avoiding heart disease is based on information that is completely false, then nothing less than your very life is potentially at stake.

Do you really think it is wise to continue eating unnatural diets and taking potentially toxic cholesterol drugs, when such a huge volume of evidence exists to show that cholesterol does not cause heart disease? Shouldn't you be focusing on the things that really matter?

The Great Cholesterol Con doesn't just stop at destroying fallacious myths, but explains clearly what does matter in the battle against heart disease. While the book has been painstakingly researched and contains over 1400 references, it is surprisingly easy to read and understand.

It's taken me years to research and write The Great Cholesterol Con - but you can now have instant access to hundreds of pages of valuable information that cost me thousands of dollars and countless hours to compile.

Is your life worth $25.99?

Is your life worth the relatively small effort required to improve your odds of avoiding heart disease?

I don't think you should have any problem answering "Yes" to those order your copy of The Great Cholesterol Con right now and start learning what really causes heart disease and what you can do to prevent it!

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